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A Hydrangea Examined

It occured to me a few days ago that I'd been photographing the same hydrangea since the spring. I watched it bloom in glorious colour and now, as we hurtle towards winter, I see it slowly fading away petal by petal.

There's something slightly mesmeric about watching subtle and gradual changes in nature so in the style of Paul Octavius's #samehilldifferentday, here are the life and times of my hydrangea.



Have you observed a subject through photography in this way before?  

P.S. These photos where taken using a phone I got just over a year ago.


The Story Museum

Last year, I blogged about a couple of events I attended at The Story Museum. I have been absolutely smitten with this magical place ever since my first visit and regularly keep a surreptitious eye on its development online.

Today, I could stand the suspense no longer and decided to see things for myself. I was so captivated by the scene that greeted me outside that by the time I had photographed it all, I no longer had time to go inside. I tend to gush when I'm excited - even in print! - so I will spare you the theatrics and let my photos do the talking.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then let us begin.

Isn't it by far the best edge-of-your-seat marketing you've ever seen? Oh, and there's more.

The Story Museum is still operating while building work continues but it will be completed and fully open for the business of drawn, digital and dramatised storytelling in 2015. In the meantime, you can read about a previous event here, book one for yourself or be part of this inspiring story by making a donation.

P.S. The comic strip above is by the very talented Neill Cameron.


106 At The Holborn Workshop

I had always intended for 106 to have its own pop up space where people could see my garments firsthand and try them on. I happened to mention this to Tina of Colourliving and she felt that The Holborn Workshop might be a good fit. Set up by the founders of The Holborn Magazine, it is a one-stop shop for products selected for their provenance and quality as well as an event space.

A few emails later, I paid Morgan a visit - nervously clutching a few samples - and to my utter delight he was pleased to have me on board. He then gave me a tour and spoke so passionately about each brand on display, that I have no doubt that we both made the right decision.

My pieces will sit alongside the likes of ESK, Stighlorgan and La Portegna, to name a few and I cannot quite believe that they will be in such esteemed company.



I feel as though I am sending my children off to school for their very first day - proud, a little nervous and excited.

If you happen to be in the East London area, why not pop in for some of the finest coffee in London, a pastry or two and perhaps book a place at one of the upcoming talks or workshops. 

Oh, and do let me know what you think of my wares!

P.S. Thank you, Tina for the recommendation!

P.P.S. In case you missed it, Tina posted an interview with one of the founders of The Holborn Workshop and you can read it here.

The Holborn Workshop is situated at 493 Hackney Road, London. E2 9ED


Idea Spaghetti

I have been busily beavering away on my next 106 collection and, as always, I find that straddling the work/play divide seems to yield the best results. I usually prefer putting pen to paper to get my creative juices flowing but I recently decided to use a novel approach to brainstorming.

Reader, I give you idea spaghetti.



It is a game and one of many gems from Dave Stewart and Mark Simmons' book, Business Playground. Not only does it yield a profusion of possibilities, it is great fun and sorely needed by anyone resigned to the fact that work should be a po-faced endeavour.

Business Playground is available in print or as an iPad app (named Creativity) and it is in the latter that idea spaghetti really comes into its own.

First you pick a character, then a topic for which you'd like to generate ideas.



Next, you pick a tine on the fork of your choice. This then determines the minimum number of ideas you are expected to come up with in 5 minutes.



Each game has four rounds and I get to be as silly as I like even though I happen to be doing what I consider to be extremely important work. The player with the most ideas - supposedly - wins but (corny as it may sound) this is one game that I don't mind losing. The process and results are reward enough for me. Best of all, the hilarity makes for a far more productive day than I would otherwise have.

Don't you just love win-win situations?

For more irreverent business tools get yourself a copy of this wonderful book. The video below should give you an idea of what to expect.





P.S. You can download a free version of the iPad app, Creativity Lite, here.


Fashion|Conscious: Winter Warmers

I created Fashion|Conscious for the express purpose of showcasing ethical brands and, hopefully, disabusing the notion that they are not as of-the-moment as their unethical counterparts. It will now be a regular feature on the blog and published once a month.

Winter is not my favourite season - I freely admit that.

I find that vibrant colour and soothingly soft knits go a long way in getting me through it in reasonably good humour. Below is the outfit my arctic dreams are made of - or my Christmas wishlist, depending on who happens to be reading this.



/Images: 1. Trapper's hat by Toast 2. Hand-stitched kid gloves by Toast 3. Cici jumper dress by Toast 4. Caribu scarf one by Howlin' 5. Nell knee-length sock with garter by Archie Foal 6. Gold vellies by Brother Vellies/


I'd wrap it all up in this coat if it hadn't been snapped up by a very lucky girl indeed.

Who knows? I just might find it under my tree come Christmas morning. Here's hoping.

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