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I used to be a mindless consumer. I didn't know how the clothes I bought were made and I never took the time to find out. My thought process was pretty much see it, love it, got cash, don't mind if I do. Choosing to become a mother changed all that. It began with the food I ate. It had to be wholesome, organic and mindfully produced. It wasn't long before I started to feel the same way about my skincare regime and eventually my clothes. I now feel that what I wear - or dress my children in - should be an expression of not just my creativity, but also of my beliefs.


I believe that it is okay to dress children in beautifully made clothes as long as a man, woman or child has not been put through hell to produce them. I believe that the best way to honour great workmanship is to wear it, make great memories in it and hand it down once it has been outgrown.


Each limited edition piece is lovingly crafted with the conscious consumer in mind. The very best craftsmanship is right here on our doorstep and all 106 garments are made in the United Kingdom using the finest fabrics. I work with a team of very talented people whose collective experience spans over 150 years. Some have even made suits in Savile Row and put clothes on Harry Potter's back.



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